Smoothie break, anyone? The Fruit Colors Learning Smoothie by LeapFrog is a fun and interactive toy that promotes pretend play and learning. This adorable smoothie cup immediately engages little ones and educates on colors, counting, fruit names, and more.

Crystal the Cup has five fruity friends, like Sherri Strawberry and Oliver Orange, each with their own personality. With every swivel of the straw, children are introduced to a new character, a new fruit, a new color, and a new song! Kids loved the different types of music like country, rock, and reggae.

Smoothie fans loved twisting the straw, practicing fine motor and grasping as they swiveled. The straw also doubles as a teether, which made “sipping” our smoothies even more fun. Toddlers laughed, danced, repeated colors and names as they played along.

The Fruit Colors Learning Smoothie is entertaining and educational as children learn new words through singing and listening, practice fine motor skills, and pretend play. An excellent choice for smoothie lovers and baby foodies, for parents and caregivers to sip and play together.

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