This little table top stove just makes kids and adults alike giggle! Kids watch in anticipation as they choose one of the 6 recipes on the doubled sided round felt discs. Do you want an egg and bacon, steak, spaghetti, chicken, fish or pancakes? No problem, just drop it into the fry pan and press the button to start the inbuilt fan which rotates the food in the pan, with two speeds to control the heat. Don’t forget to flip your pancakes with the mini spatula or add some salt and pepper with the clicker shakers. Our little one was so excited that she kept putting words together as she narrated her play, “More cook, ” “Flip,” and “Eggs” as she learned high/low and on/off, while pressing the buttons. I love the portability as kids can bring it alongside Mom or Dad in the kitchen and imitate everyday activities, building language skills as they create their story.

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