The vibrantly yellow Funny Bird hand puppet by Folkmanis becomes a quick friend to children. This luxuriously soft bird with wild feathery fur has a moveable mouth, floppy wings and is great for petting and extra love.

Puppets are excellent toys to help children develop language skills, creativity, social awareness, and fine motor skills. Young children loved playing peek-a-boo with the charming and goofy Funny Bird. They were eager to be a part of the magic and slip their hand in to become the puppeteer.

Together, children played and practiced their conversational skills. They used their imaginations and engaged in role playing through dialogue. Kids can even practice fine motor skills as puppeteers as they pinch, stretch, rotate, and use all muscles in their hands.

Folkmanis produces the highest quality puppet. The materials inside and out are built to last and grow with your child to be used for many years to come. My favorite feature is the story that comes along with each puppet. Attached to the Funny Bird is the short story “Trading Up.” A tale of a bird who wants to switch homes but alas feels settled in his birdhouse. This became a wondrous launching pad to introduce the bird to children. They listened intently as the puppet told the story. They then wanted a turn retelling the story in their own words. Children used beautiful, rich vocabulary as they did their best to recall each detail.

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