Hop, Hop! Cute bunnies are racing to the top of bunny hill to reach a giant juicy carrot. Get your bunny to the top of the carrot first and you win! But watch out for the holes, the mole, drawbridge and fence that stand in your way.

Funny Bunny is board game for 2-4 players and includes an interactive hill with a rotating carrot, 16 bunnies, and 48 cards. Players take turns drawing a card that reveals their move. Hop 1, 2, or 3 times on the hill or get a carrot card to turn the carrot. Each time the carrot rotates, the game board changes. Different holes appear in the bunny hill and your bunny might fall in! A sneaky mole occasionally pops out and knocks bunnies off the game board. A drawbridge lifts to block further advancement or a fence knocks you down the hill.

As players got the hang of the game, they began to strategize to see which spaces were “safe” and which could be trouble for your bunny. Kids then began to utilize multiple bunnies if they weren’t keen on a certain patch on the hill.

Why we love it

There was big anticipation every time a game player drew a carrot card. We cringed, we closed our eyes and we made predictions as to what could happen next! The game offered excellent repeat play value as players practiced some strategy and wished for good luck too.

Funny Bunny also allowed kids to practice basic board game skills like turn taking, one-to-one number correspondence as they counted each move forward, and good sportsmanship. It’s a great family board game and adaptable to use in therapy sessions.

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