Going to school has never been so much fun. As one mom said, “This is nicer than most real schools!” As we assembled Playmobil’s new Furnished School, kids marveled at the science lab, complete with test tubes, a spinning globe, sink with soap, working magnifying glass, microscope, skeleton, and moving compass. They set up the computer lab with laptops with raised keyboards. The art room offered tubes of colored paints, a watercolor palette, paint brushes and a drafting table. Move on to music class and relax on the stairs while playing your recorder or tambourine. A favorite spot was deemed math class, as kids arranged and rearranged the tables, books, scissors, mini pencils, binders and chalkboard. It was fun to see what new groups of kids would discover. One found the pad of paper and placed a sheet at each child’s place as well as put one inside a binder. Another loved  writing on the chalkboard with the erasable “chalk” “pencil. She left behind messages like, “My teacher needs a laptop,” and “Problem of the Day” for math class. You need little hands for such delicate work! And don’t forget the teachers–their lounge includes a coffee machine and plenty of mugs to commiserate or collaborate.The school was big enough to accommodate my three friends, 6, 8 and 10 as they each played in an area that suited them. I just sat back and listened to the dialogue, as the kids were lost in a place of learning. This school is a real success, providing individual vignettes from classrooms, art studios and music rooms to bathrooms, giving kids an adventure in a safe place.

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