Calling all Gabby’s Dollhouse fans! The Purr-ific Pool Playset by Spin Master is a fantastic toy that offers hours of imaginative play for children aged 3 and up. The playset comes with a variety of colorful accessories and Gabby and  MerCat figurines, making it purr-fect for Gabby fans who love imaginative play.

The Purr-ific Pool Playset offers a variety of activities for pretend play. The pool can be filled with water and children created fun schemas of sliding in for endless storytelling opportunities with Gabby and MerCat. Gabby’s mermaid tail changes color in the warm water, which was a big hit during playtime.

The pool can attach to Gabby’s Dollhouse, or is a great stand alone playset, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor play. The best things about the Purr-ific Pool Playset is its ability to encourage children to use their imaginations and engage in creative play. The set offers opportunities for children to role-play and act out different scenarios, from hosting a pool party to relaxing on a lazy day at the pool, and of course splash contests! When engaging in this rich pretend play, children also practice social skills, language development, and inferencing.

Gabby Girls Purr-ific Pool Playset is a wonderful toy that provides endless opportunities for imaginative play. With favorite characters, variety of accessories, and water fun, it’s sure to delight children and provide them with hours of fun and entertainment.

Available at Amazon, Target, and Walmart