Little kid conductors can style their own animal train, switching up gears, adding a Smart Gear animal for some silly songs or sound effects or hop them off the train to play independently. The Lion, Hippo, Zebra and Tiger fit into the Smart Pole to hear responses based on the animal, “Hi there Lion, I like your brown mane.” “Hi Hippo, want to cool off in the water?” with added sound effects. Move the Location Slider on the engine to start up some smart play. Take the train to the beach, park, mountains or zoo, while learning about instruments–piano, trumpet and flute. Slide the On/Off Activity Switch to Exploration and learn new vocabulary and descriptions of instruments, locations, and animals. Quiz Mode is my favorite because it asks questions that require some thinking and following directions, great language building activities. “Which instrument makes the sound..?” “Where can you build sandcastles?” “Which instrument has white and black keys?” Push the button with your answer. With so much for little hands to discover and explore, this zoo train teaches cause-effect as kids try out different gears and animal riders. Music mode lights up the instrument featured and plays train and animal themed songs. With over 150 songs, melodies, sounds and phrases, this train is heading for some great language learning and listening skills!

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