What a delight to find this debut picture book by Elizabeth Lilly. I felt I was home as her illustrations reminded me of favorite Quentin Blake books that I used over and over in speech therapy and laughed out loud with kids despite their disabilities! They understood the humor of a good illustration, just like Lilly’s depiction of Geraldine, from her very first body slump over an ottoman at the news she was moving. Even her glasses droop. Illustrations are so important for inviting lively discussions about feelings, consequences, options or experiences that relate to the character. All these discussions build language learning as kids can describe their world. Geraldine leaves Giraffe City where she looked like everyone else and stepped into a diverse setting where she was only seen as “That Giraffe Girl.” In her attempts to hide and disappear, she discovers Cassie, who likes math and can hold on to a hand stand. Together they gain confidence to approach the lunch table and each announce the goodness of the other to the girls. Hanging on to their uniqueness, Geraldine and Cassie learn the power of friendship and happiness in a world where they will always stand out.

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