It’s a spooky, dark night. The ghost in the attic of the Haunted Manor is awake! Friends work together to escape the house and lock the ghost inside. This cooperative game was so great for working and strategizing together.

Ghost in the Attic is meant to be played in the dark! With a glow-in-the-dark game board and light-up ghost mover, kids were absolutely enamored with this new spooky board game.

Why We Love It

Cooperative games give children practice working together and collaborating to achieve a similar goal. There’s a shared decision-making element to the game as well. If players land on a camera flash token, they can collect the token and later move the ghost backwards one space. Players strategize together and decide as a group when to use the flash tokens.

Don’t worry – the ghost moves slow. But the thrill is there every time. Kids love this game and you will too!

Available at MindWare