715P-Gigantic-Step-Play-Piano-frangle-554x300Talk about active play, when kids first saw the Step and Play Piano they knelt down to slide the “on” button and were surprised to be playing their first note with their knee!  It was fun to watch the progression of play as they experimented with the play piano. They walked up and down the scale, pushed the buttons to try different instruments–saxophone, violin, accordion, trumpet, harp xylophone, and guitar– and then I heard, “Hey, let’s do some Irish music” and they started to do an Irish dance on the keys! Composing their own music and taking advantage of the Record and Playback features, kids are exercising their auditory memories and listening skills, as they create and hear their song repeated, all essential for language learning, At one point, two kids were playing at a time and even added the real piano in the background. Move+create+learn is a winning combination!

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