A blank canvas for eager artists but with an exciting twist! This art set includes a light wand that glows in the dark. Just hook to hang your canvas, hit the lights, and create a glowing masterpiece.

Kids were ecstatic over the magically disappearing glowing drawings. They used the included stencils, featuring park and underwater themes to draw scenes and create a story. A quick story since these creations disappeared! More impressive was their ability to create and narrate their landscape or underwater adventure before it all vanished.

A pretend play element emerged as our artists morphed into secret spies, leaving hidden messages and drawings to decode. The Glow Art Studio added an extra fun element that got kids excited to create, talk, and practice motor skills too.

When you hang the canvas on the wall, children are working on a vertical surface. This does so much for their motor skills. They’re building shoulder and elbow stability and flexibility in the joints and muscles of their upper extremities. Working with the stencils promotes bilateral coordination – where each hand performs a different task. One hand holds the stencil and the other the wand to create the picture. They’re working on hand-eye coordination and even activating a new sensory experience as they work while standing.

Crayola’s Glow Art Studio is the perfect toy for a Boo Basket, birthday gift, or Christmas present. Kids will love the fun of creating in the dark, telling stories, and practicing motor skills too.