To accompany the popular Netflix series Go! Go! Cory Carson, VTech has brought us Cory’s Stay & Play Home. Cory’s house includes 2 levels, 6 different rooms, and 3 characters (Cory, little sister Chrissy, and Mama). 

After unboxing and assembling this playhouse built just for cars, the imaginative play began shortly after the squeals of excitement. Some great features of Cory’s house include the opportunity for 360 play. Windows, swinging garage doors and side rooms like the kitchen, make room for multiple kids to play together. There are hidden buttons that reveal new rooms and play ideas, like an art center and a dance studio with singer DJ Train Trax. 

My toy testers loved reenacting episodes from the show and having Cory’s house made the play even more enriched. In their first story retell, Chrissy became Cory’s copycat and followed him around the house saying and doing exactly as Cory did. The ramp (because cars obviously can’t climb steps!) took them upstairs to Cory’s bedroom where Chrissy cuddled up in Cory’s bed, and then refused to take a bath at Cory’s request. These kiddos were so into their pretend play that I could barely pry them away for pool time!

Cory’s Stay & Play Home will engage your children in imaginative and pretend play, which helps boost cognitive, social, and emotional skills. When I announced the name of the toy, my oldest (age 6) said “Ohhh, because Cory’s staying home too because of the virus,” which felt so honest. It’s a good reminder that imaginative play also allows the child to have a greater opportunity to express their true feelings, and solve problems. For ages 3 and up, Cory’s Stay and Play home is a great choice for birthday or holiday gifts. 

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By Erika Cardamone MS, CCC-SLP

Speech-language pathologist, Mom, toy reviewer, speaker, foodie, runner