81oc3CfGi5L._SX355_VTech’s Go! Go! Smart family has just added a new member, Go! Go! Smart Animals Grow and Learn Farm. Kids got right into exploring the farm set with Reggie the Rooster, as he stopped off at different “Smart Points” to activate a phrase, music or sound effects.  We started out in the barn, flipping Reggie from the launcher down the slide while singing “Old MacDonald Had a Farm,” as he landed at the garden, “I love the carrots, they look delicious,” and kids watered the carrots to watch them grow. The apples, pumpkin and peanuts forms teach colors and shapes but also provided some yummy treats for Reggie as he played at the farm and delighted kids as they dropped them down the silo slide. Even the barn has something to say, as kids pressed the learning buttons to hear colors, numbers, vegetables and little sentences related to the farm. With 7 SmartPoint locations, kids hear a variety of phrases, songs and sound effects that they start to repeat and anticipate with continued excited play. Little ones even talk to Reggie which is just what we want them to do, practice their language skills through creative pretend play!

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