pTRU1-19181958enh-z6Kids were mesmerized when they walked up to the big 3 level Discovery Home. Well-named, this house has plenty to explore as children knew right away to push Nora’s button. She happened to be situated on the elevator as she said, “It feels like I’m moving” and started to go up to the third floor. Twin 2 year-olds looked as if they were seeing magic! Now the hands were moving fast, grabbing the chunky figure and trying out the 8 other MagicPoint locations that brought Nora to life singing, or talking and listening to sound effects associated with the theme of that room–toilet flushing, bath time bubbles, playing the piano. dancing in the music room, exploring the kitchen, sitting by the light-up fire, knocking on the front door,  and taking a swing. Kids learn simple greetings and comments associated with different rooms and activities of the home. “Knock, knock Miss Nora’s here” to enter the house, “I need some sugar.” as she looks in the kitchen, “What a tiring day!” as she sits down in front of the fire, and “Ha ha, higher, higher” as she requests assistance on the swing. It was interesting how kids first observed and took in all the cause-effect options in the house but then started to respond to the phrases as if invited in for a chat! After Nora sat on the elevator and said, “Am I going up or down?”  one little friend responded to her, “A down,” as if to answer her question. He also kept talking about “Norma” during his play. The swing and elevator were clearly favorites as was the little pet dog who had his own doghouse. What a playground for pretend play, as kids can talk within a category of going to bed, taking a bath, eating a meal or playing on the swing. Nora lights up the language as playtime leads to learning.

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