Kids love VTech’s Go! Go! Smart Wheels sets! I set one out in the middle of the playroom for a weekend of kids’ play and 2 year-olds to 5 year-olds kept dropping by to play, talk and pretend, practicing important speech and language skills. Their latest set, Launch and Chase Police Tower, is filled with 35 songs, melodies,  sounds and phrases related to the police chasing the bad guy, hopefully right into jail. With two routes down the tower, one for the police car and one for the getaway car, there are plenty of road blocks, bumps and options for blocking the road or escaping through the trick tunnel to beat out the police car. Kids have options to change up the chase operating the various obstacles to vary the play. The Go! Go! Smart Police car sings, talks, turns on the siren, and makes realistic sounds to take off after the bad guys. Rhyming tunes reinforcing the chase theme helps build pre-reading skills as kids listen for rhymes and anticipate the completion of lines. Time to take off in play, “Let’s hurry to the crime scene!”

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