I’ve been around enough children to know that not all of them bond with little characters or animals but rather prefer to be comforted by a few trucks and cars in their crib or bed at night! My 2 year-old friend loved the Go! Go! Smart Wheels Press & Race Vehicles because they were so easy for him to use and get moving. Press the windshield with the driver’s face and light up your vehicle with sound and words.  Ray the Race Car tells you he is the champion and sings, ” Turn the corner one last time, hurry to cross the finish line!” Dale the Dump Truck sings “Ready to take off for the job site, hauling materials with all my might!” Felix is the fast fire chief,  Fire Truck who adds his rhyme, “Bring water to put out the fire, bring water higher and higher. Each vehicle teaches his starting letter, says a few phrases and sound effects, teaches concepts like hard working, helping out, I’m in charge, and might even give some directions like Felix, “Press down on my back and let’s get going.” Car and truck lovers don’t get left out of the language learning with VTech’s Press and Race vehicles who talk and teach as they race and work.

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