Kids were drawn to this Adventure Park and didn’t want to leave it! Gavin the Go-Kart gives kids a tour of his adventure park, recognizing four Smartpoint locations, singing songs and teaching “G is for Go-Kart.” Place Gavin in the lift ride and crank him up with sound effects, comments and songs–“Up, up,up we go.” Land on the catapult launcher (which was clearly our 3 year-old’s favorite feature) or park, “I need a quick break.” Gavin invites conversations with little ones as he says, “Check my tires please.” Our little friend was clearly immersed in his own world of the Adventure Park trying the carnival games and ferris wheel and reacting to Gavin. This fun set stimulates language learning as kids react and talk to the animated go-kart, follow directions and sing along to rhyming songs related to the action. My friend called out, “I love this!”

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