imgres-9Kids joined Ruby and Goldie as they built their story and props together, from Katinka’s baton made from axles and blocks to a throne that showcased  Katinka high above the finished parade float. Little girls learned the language of engineering as they added “blocks.” “axles.” “wheels,” “spacers,” “blueprint,”  and “bill of materials,” to their vocabulary bank. Kids assembled the base from the blueprint, added the throne, and attached Nacho’s leash (cute blue ribbon) so he could proudly pull the float in the parade. Children especially loved the detailed little Katrinka, Nacho and bear figures who fit snugly into spacers to rotate on wheels and greet the parade crowd! They couldn’t wait to try the other 5 designs to make with the set’s components. We gave Nacho a turn on his Swing Wheeler, Goldie rolled up her ribbon on a roller and the favorite was launching the spacer pieces on our “Space-r-Launcher!” GoldieBlox sets are a wonderful pairing of STEM concepts and the language learning behind science as kids talked their way through making the models, discussing how they worked and what didn’t work, preparing them for future assignments in the classroom where they are increasingly required to answer “Why?” and “How?” they arrive at their finished product.

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