Goodtimer is a positive parenting technology tool that kids actually respond to. With just the right amount of visual (lights) and auditory (sounds) feedback, kids receive positive reinforcement for continuing to make good choices.

The first item in the unboxing is a book. A delightful rhyming story about a clockmaker who makes a clock that doesn’t behave. The clockmaker asks friends for help and together they create a set of “house rules” to encourage playing cooperatively, kindly, and being a good listener. The book sets the stage for Goodtimer use at home.

How it works

Sitting down with your child(ren) is the first step. Kids felt empowered being apart of the conversation as “house rules” were established. We started vague with three simple rules:

  1. Be honest
  2. Be kind
  3. Be respectful

After a few examples and agreeing to these three rules, we set up rewards as a family. We have four kids in our house, so rewards varied from picking the park on Saturday mornings, to family movie night or game night, to ice cream trips, and yes iPad time.

There are 12 glowing segments around Goodtimer so kids get a visual cue as the day goes on. The more light they see, the closer they are to a token (tangible reward). Goodtimer even “talks” and lets them know they’re doing a great job. When the house rules are broken, simply turn Goodtimer upside down to pause “good time.” An auditory cue “uh oh!” is heard and it helps to recognize the behavior and reconcile.

Visual cues can enhance learning and retention of a particular concept. As Goodtimer became more lit up, kids were encouraged and took pride in their accomplishments. Parenting felt more positive and efficient, as we focused on earning “good time” by consistently making good choices, rather than consistent corrections.

Goodtimer was extremely effective in reinforcing positive parenting. Providing visual, auditory and tangible feedback helped children and parents work together to achieve a common goal. That goal is peace. The house felt peaceful. Thank you Goodtimer!

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