Have you gotta word for “A fifth grader’s super power,” “An advanced weightlifting move,” or “The compulsion to pop bubble wrap?” “Gotta Word” has simple instructions but complex thinking is required AS IS a readiness to laugh hilariously. Draw a crazy definition card and use any two word halves in your hand to create comical new creation to fit the definition. The assigned Wordmeister makes the decision as to who made the best combo to match the definition. Some of our winners were: a Connoisseur of possum meat? SPAM-OLOGIST. An ancient civilization of warrior women? UBER-ETTE, and my favorite, Another name for Chili-cheese fries: PYRO-FACE! Both fun and learning expand when players put their new words into sentences. Players call upon advanced language skills as they search for associated word parts that represent a specialized person, situation, object or emotion. The definition cards are really clever and funny, sparking realistic, virtual or abstract associations to clarify the definition. Winners must think outside the box (as with historical associations, personification or irony) while keeping a connection to their card, “A being who smothers someone with kindness … FAB-SAURUS! Recommended for 10 years of age and up, “Gotta Word” includes several clever, slightly edgy (that’s what makes them funny)  definitions geared to older kids and young adults, but not inappropriate. With younger kids you can always pre-select definition cards that relate most to their experience.

Contributor: Bob Artemenko, PAL’s Wordmeister

Available at Cortex Toys