GRAVITRAX is an interactive construction set that provides hands-on learning and experimenting while having fun. Kids will experiment with awesome STEM concepts such as gravity, magnetism, and kinetics as they race marbles.

The GRAVITRAX PRO Starter set ($79.99) includes 153 pieces to build tall, fast and multi-layer tracks; everything your kiddo will need to keep them playing, building, and learning. The set includes directions so that first timers and newbies can begin building right away with confidence. However, as our toy tester group became more accustomed to the parts and how the track system fit together, there was so much open play and innovation happening.

The GRAVITRAX Vertical Expansion Set ($29.99) is perfect for expanding to make even higher, faster, longer, and more complex tracks. Our builders were so excited to increase height and speed as they made predictions, revised, and traced their marbles’ route before putting it to the real test.

“It needs more speed if it’s going to go up this ramp. So this part needs to be steeper.” -10 year old, using reasoning and knowledge of kinetics and force to make predictions.

The Mixer Accessory ($9.99) adds an element of surprise to the track as our toy testers were guessing which direction the marble would run. “I hope my [blue] marble goes down the super steep track” – 8 year old

The Splitter Accessory ($9.99) is a fun addition to any track as builders hypothesized whether the marble will run over the trap door to the next track, or experience a slow fall passed the trap door and fall to the tracks below. Our toy testers were revising their track over and over again to create more kinetic energy to attempt to make the marble roll over the door. There was so much language and problem solving as they brainstormed, negotiated ideas, tested and retested.

GRAVITRAX is always a winner with awesome expansion sets that keep minds learning and problem solving. It’s a great toy for an individual or group collaboration. GRAVITRAX continues to encourage experimentation with cool STEM concepts that offer endless possibilities to design, create, and play.

Note: Expansion Sets require Gravitrax Starter Set