Folkmanis’ Gray Mouse Puppet is a charming companion that sparks language development and cognitive growth through puppet play. With moveable hands and mouth and a long velvety tail, this adorable puppet enhances storytelling, role-playing, and imagination.

As with all Folkmanis puppets, the Gray Mouse is accompanied by a captivating story titled “Church and Cheese.” Pendleton, a little white mouse, lives in a church and decides to explore other spots to live. A watchmaker shop? No. A tailor? No. The cheese shop? Yes! It seemed like a glorious place for a mouse to live, until encountering a large giant tabby cat.

After some exchanges with the tabby cat, the mouse agrees to leave the cheese shop and returns to his modest home at the church. The perfect story to lead children into their own narratives about the sweet protagonist mouse and the many antagonists that it encountered on its [many] journeys.

As children manipulate the puppet’s movements and expressions, they simultaneously build coordination and fine motor skills along with building narrative structures through storytelling. Storytelling is a powerful tool for language development, helping children expand their vocabulary, improve sentence structure, and enhance their comprehension skills.

The Gray Mouse Puppet by Folkmanis is a quality puppet that sparks imagination, storytelling, and learning. Through puppet play, children develop language skills, cognitive abilities, and social-emotional competencies. So, let creativity soar and watch as children create unforgettable adventures.

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