--pTRU1-14037935dtKids raced to enter the Theater flap to start the play in their new tent. Parents loved the easy set-up and light weight tent with velcro closures. Each side suggests a new story with “Grocery” having a peek through window to purchase your goodies, “Sale” picturing a cash register and a row of apples and oranges to buy through a circular window, “It’s Show Time Puppet Theater” with two roll-up curtains to reveal the show, and the main “Theater Entrance.” This new smaller version of the 2-in-1 play tent gives just enough of a suggestion to start the pretend play story, but leaves the props and dialogue to the child’s imagination and creativity. As children practice being authors of their oral stories, they are building  language skills to prepare for later reading and writing. Pretend play around the themes of shopping and puppet shows allows the child to be the creator and direct the play, elevating learning as they take on different roles of store keeper, shopper or puppeteer. So pop up this tent, sit back and listen to your child’s imagination!

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