The more I bake and cook with my grandkids, the more  opportunities I see for learning! Hapinest’s Baking Sets for kids provide all you need to make the yummiest of cookies and have a grand time with your kids. Let’s start with the cute corduroy aprons in the characters of a fox, unicorn, snowman or bunny with quilted oven mitt pockets. My three friends started by choosing their character that came with corresponding themed cookie cutters, a step by step recipe book, a uniquely designed roller so that your dough is just the right thickness, and frosting bags and tips (they were fascinated with this). Our three animal chefs cut out shapes from a unicorn and magic wand to an acorn, leaf, gingerbread man and snowflake. I loved the extra language learning component with the last page of the recipe book for “Notes.” Our baking set activity included so much opportunity for learning through measuring and talking about halves and wholes, using baking vocabulary such as roller, ingredients, teaspoon and tablespoon, applying a spacial strategy “like a puzzle” to place the cookie cutters so as to minimize wasted dough, and following several steps in sequence to dip the right edge of the cookie cutter into flour, push down and delicately release it onto the cookie sheet. I guess it’s a good sign that I had to hide the cookies as everyone was taking one every time they went past the kitchen!

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