The magical Happiest Day Game by Funko Games is a must for every Disney Theme Park enthusiast. The Happiest Day – Magic Kingdom Park Edition – involves planning, strategy, conversation, and a whole lot of Disney magic.

Players collect balloon tokens that are traded to move along a matching color path. Each path leads to different park spaces, characters or magical moments! The object of the game is to visit attractions that match each player’s cards. Once they’ve successfully reached that attraction, they earn stars. The players with the most stars at the end of the game wins!

Why We Love It

This game energized our toy testers as they searched for their attractions around the park. They excitedly planned their routes, which worked executive functioning skills. Cognitive planning is a high-level process that includes evaluation, sequencing, and thought organization to achieve a goal — or in this case, a destination!

Players could expedite their destination if they spin a question card. This was highly desirable to our players for two reasons: 1) it gained them a quick trip to earn stars and 2) they got center stage on answering questions about Disney experiences, hypothetical situations, and opinions!

  • What character would be the funniest to meet?
  • What’s your earliest memory of the Parks?
  • What attraction would you ride ten times in a row?
  • Where is your favorite place to take a picture at the parks?
  • How would you celebrate your birthday at the Parks?

… and so many more. Playing The Happiest Day Game certainly sparked happiness for our toy testers. They reminisced, helped each other with strategy, used high-level cognitive planning skills, and had their own, very happy day!

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