Follow Dr. Seuss’ Birthday Bird all over the town of Katroo. Players move around the game board collecting as many cards and stars as possible. The player with the most stars at the end of the game wins!

Funko Games’ Happy Birthday to You! Game has a fantastic language and learning element. As players collect cards, some cards are present cards with 1-2 stars on each. However, to collect three stars on a card, a player must first answer a question. For example:

  • Where’s a place you’d like to work someday?
  • What’s a special food that someone makes for you?
  • What two animals combined would make the best pet?
  • What’s a toy you’d like to give to someone as a gift?

These are wonderful open-ended questions that make kids think! They become conversation starters and leave awesome space for creativity and individuality. The various question cards each spark opportunities for critical thinking and open mindedness. Asking your child open-ended questions allows them to explore, discover, and reflect themselves. These are all great for improving self-awareness and boosting self-confidence.

Happy Birthday to You! Game is a great compliment to Dr. Seuss’ book, or as a stand alone game. It promotes mindfulness, responding to others’ answers, and stimulates language development.

Available at Walmart, Target, and Amazon