The Happy Cow Wash, part of Schleich’s Farm World collection, is a wonderful play set for your child. It features a farmer, calf, and cow all ready to get to work and get clean! The water pump is fully functional and can be filled with real water.

Schleich delivers detailed and realistic figures and props that really get children excited. These props really allow the child to pour into their pretend play. The farmer, for instance, has a pitchfork and hay. These two added props helped create a rich story as children used more intricate language to describe the events.

“The baby cow doesn’t like the water. So the farmer has to go behind the fence and get him some hay. Here’s your hay baby cow. That will calm you down.”

Engaging in this kind of charming pretend play is a child’s best work. They’re using language to describe, label, negotiate, and revise as they go. They are taking from their own experiences (e.g. being a little scared) and drawing conclusions on how to better a situation (e.g. give the cow something to eat). Pretend play can hep foster social-emotional intelligence and adaptability as they work through the “problem” in their own story.

Another great educational benefit of Schleich’s toys is how they promote fine motor skills. So many of the props are small, but just right for tiny fingers. As kids manipulate and move these props to be part of the story, they’re exercising those tiny muscles in their hands too. Pressing down on the water pump to extract the water, manipulating the pitchfork into the farmer’s hand, and even setting up the scrub brush just right on the cow’s back, all played a part in working fine motor skills.

Schleich creates another imaginative play set that allows children to teleport to a farm and create wondrous stories. With 3 agents (farmer, cow, and calf), it allows for rich dialogue and story performances as well as fine motor play benefits. The wealth of play value in the Happy Cow Wash is bountiful. Grab yours now!

Available at Amazon and Schleich