Hatchimals are one of the hottest toys for kids and now they are part of an easy matching game which adds the surprise of “hatching” two mini collectables, Tigrette and Raspoon, for fun. We set out the 24 eggs containing illustrated Hatchimals and two collectibles. Our 3 year-old friend loved opening two eggs, looking for a pair, and spontaneously called out the animal–monkey, kitty cat–or described it, giving him the advantage of remembering a verbal description, even if he didn’t know the name of his Hatchimals. He was delighted when he opened a 3D character which allowed him to open 3 eggs instead of 2 for his remaining turns. Players are only able to keep one collectible, so if they “hatch” a second one, they give it to their play partner, adding an element of sharing. This game builds visual matching and memory skills as well as auditory memory as kids name and describe their little Hatchimals and add some pretend play with the collectibles!

Available at Spin Master. Click here