Kids loved snapping their hedbanz together and popping them on their heads, ready to be the featured player to guess who they were. Clip a cartoon into your hedbanz and let the questioning begin. The first player acts as the questioner, since everyone else knows who he is! Am I an animal? Am I living? Am I food?  You’ve got to beat the timer to determine if you are bacon, a dragon, pizza or scissors. Sample question cards help younger players or those who need a jump start with examples like, “Could I be a pet?” or “Can I swim?” The language learning is strong in this game of deductive reasoning and questioning. Kids will start to learn to begin with more general questions and get more specific as they narrow down their answer. Parents can teach kids some general categories to start with to hone in on the answer. Am I living? or dead? Do I live in the sky? water? or on land? After all, to be successful, we have to know how to ask questions to get the information we want, right?

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