The Helping Heroes Fire Station by VTech is a dynamic fire truck that converts into a fire station for two brave firefighters. As my kiddo said, “This is a better truck than a real fire truck, because it transforms!”

The multi-level fire station has space for a bed when it’s time to relax, a call center to check on their next rescue mission, and even a weight room and TV for breaks. Each of these scenes allowed for pretend play and building schemas, which are short sequences of how events usually go (think of things we do automatically in our adult life like making a sandwich or brushing our teeth). Use of schemas in play typically emerges around age 2, and this transforming truck can help build play and language skills since it can be played with in multiple ways.  Some Helping Heroes schemas that I witnessed was first a few sleeping heroes, followed by the sound of a siren, and a mad dash to the ice cream parlor to put out the fire. 

The Helping Heroes Fire Station also includes two mini rescue vehicles. As I was told “the big truck is for a real emergency, the small guy is for small missions, like if a cat is stuck in a tree.” A little helicopter that was endearingly named “Heli” was also able to help put out fires from the air. Another feature that allowed for rich storytelling and play was negotiations as friends played together.

VTech has brought us another great toy that allows for imaginative and cooperative play, storytelling, and creativity. The Helping Heroes Fire Station is a versatile choice to enhance play and language. 

Available a Walmart

By Erika Cardamone MS, CCC-SLP

Speech-language pathologist, Mom, toy reviewer, speaker, foodie, runner