Kids, parents and grandparents all loved the rock painting kit with transfers to personalize their creations. In fact the kids liked it so much they collected rocks for their next visit to Grammy and Grandpa’s house to paint again! The paint went on easily and even a 3 year-old was mixing colors to apply to his rock. The transfers with animal faces and positive expressions were popular–joy, love, brave, smile, lucky, peace, imagine and rock star added some personality to the stones. The kids loved sharing their choices with me, explaining their messages, especially the rocks with gold transfers where the diamond was the favorite. Kids can spread kindness and positivity as they “hide” their rocks, sometimes in plain sight in Grammy’s garden, or in our case outlining a stick fortress to hold a little tree frog. The creativity continued after they had painted their rocks as they used them in outdoor pretend play! Instructions are included for sharing your rocks and their messages with others by adding clear tracking stickers to the rocks and posting your finds on social media.

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