hape-high-seas-rocker_1_1024x1024Besides being one of the most beautiful toys, this High Seas Rocker provides lots of movement for your little toddler. Step into the boat and shove off the shore, wave goodbye and smiles abound. This boat satisfies a toddler’s need to move and pretend as they climb aboard and rock their way out to sea. Starting at a year of age, kids start to imitate activities in their everyday world, so it’s important to provide some props for imaginative play.  Riding on a boat or playing in water are certainly fun activities for pretend play. When parents join their child’s play–not direct it–they can help elevate their child’s language by describing their behavior, the boat, or telling him to look out when he steps onto shore. Have some fun playing with your child by adding on to the story she’s trying to tell through her words and actions for some smart play!

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