71dWdzvChKL._SL1035_This amazing puzzle depicts a busy hospital scene with subplots of checkups, operating room, post-op, maternity, x-ray, and pediatric areas. So much to talk about as kids complete the 208 piece puzzle and then try to find all the 51 objects pictured circling the scene that are in the story. Language skills are tapped as children search by category to be the first one to “observe” a picture. Where would we find a magazine? “In the waiting room,” How about a scale?  “At the doctor’s office for our checkup.” I need to find a cup of colored pencils. “That’s easy, the preschool table!” And who would be carrying a present? “Someone visiting the patient.” Kids didn’t want to stop until they had found all the people, objects or animals that circled the puzzle. What a great way to combine fun and learning!

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