A first book of measuring, “How Big Is the Lion?” captures kids’ attention on the opening page as they work to slip the attached ruler out of it’s sleeve. Each page is a simple scene with children and animals flying kites, accompanying a dancing pig, serving cake or jumping rope. Folk artist, William Accorsi’s felt cutouts, buttons, lace and ribbons  provide a uncomplicated background for spotting objects to measure. Just line up your ruler along the dotted line and see how long, high, or wide an alligator, peacock or mouse can be, in inches or centimeters. Math is rich with language as kids learn to follow directions, compare sizes and solve problems. “Can you measure the little mouse? Does he fit inside the house?” When one little boy discovered that the mouse was 4 inches but his house was only 3 inches, he declared that the mouse could fit but his tail would stick out! Good logic and good reasoning coming from a little measuring book.

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