I love this little game of expressing emotions. As a speech language pathologist, I have worked with kids for years, helping them increase their emotional vocabulary list so they can name and regulate their emotions better as well as understand others. A game of “Mixed Emojis” is simple but revealing! Each player has their own pile of Emoji cards. Start your turn by turning over the timer as well as the top card. Imitate the facial expression and tell about a time when you felt that emotion. Kids were amazing at expressing when they felt that emotion and usually said why. “Angry” brought the response, “When Mom  and Dad told me I couldn’t go frog hunting!” “Grumpy” elicited “When I didn’t get enough sleep.” “Nervous” brought out “at the Cardinals’ swim meet which I hope I never go to again!” Some responses were funny, “Embarrassed” “when I tooted,” while others brought feelings of sympathy, “Disappointed” when “I was playing with my friend and he had to go to a birthday party and I wasn’t invited.” An extra challenge is included as kids need to remember the examples given so when an Emoji card is turned over that has already been played, you can earn cards if you remember. This tiny box of fun is an incredible learning tool for kids and parents as they learn about emotions, and build their social language.

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