Hoyle believes in fun first in their games but “there’s always room for a lesson.” “Super Me!” had kids fully engaged in finding matches and remembering where they were in the card grid while connecting an emergency with the proper Superhero response. Turn over a red Emergency Card to see a problem illustrated–a man dropped his cane, a girl pulled a soggy sandwich out of her lunchbox, an elderly woman sick in bed, or a little girl walking in the rain. On your turn, search your hand of blue Super Me! cards for a matching opportunity to help. If you’re the first to match all your cards, you win, saving the day through play. A second level of play substitutes yellow What Would YOU Do? card for the Super Me! ones. Instead of simply matching, you would give a unique answer according to you. When kids verbalize their answers, they are taking ownership and practicing or modeling generous and helpful behavior. We actually were playing an intermediary step without knowing it because as my player made a match, I asked him what the Super Hero was doing. Younger kids find it easier to describe a Super Me! picture, but as they get older they can generate their own response. Kids are building their kindness muscle as well as exercising language skills as they recognize and explain opportunities to help others. Mom, who was sitting across the room, heard what we were talking about and said, “Hey, I like that game!”

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