Have you ever played a game using the language of colors? What color do you think of when you say tomato, blue jay or McDonald’s arches? The clue giver secretly selects a color square, among the game board grid of 480 hues arranged in a beautiful spectrum of graded hues, that others have to guess based on his round of one and then two-word clues. When the correct colored square is identified, players score from one to three points based on how close their guesses were to the target. After a few rounds we realized we had to think in categories of words with a strong association with color variance + a person’s knowledge or experience. Our clues came from fruits and vegetables, signs (“STOP” red), logos and brands like “the Cubs,” animals, plants, famous places, and personal objects (“Papa’s car”). It helped to use clues personalized to your audience. All ages can play together which makes this a fun family game using critical thinking, association and a little EQ to design clues personalized to your audience.

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