Learn the language of recycling and composting while playing a lively game of “memory” with Hungry Bins’ 32 tokens. Mix the tokens, flip them upside down and start taking turns to find 2 pictures that match. Objects are pictured that fall into the four category bins: paper/cardboard, plastic, glass and food. When a player turns two tokens over that match, she keeps one for scoring and slips the other of the pair into the appropriate mouth of the cute, colorful bins begging to be fed. The circular tokens are outlined in blue, yellow, pink or green to correspond to the color of the appropriate bin for collection. From a paper airplane and newspaper to an apple core and banana peel, tokens represent real life options for recycling and composting. Adventerra’s new line of preschool games “feed” parents’ desire to teach their children eco-friendly activities and show children a fun way to learn to respect and care for their environment. Kids exercise language skills as they name and categorize objects and talk about how their actions impact nature and protect our planet. This game can launch a trip to the town recycling bins which are being used to sort the same kinds of objects as in our memory game!

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