The possibilities are endless with Memory Match+Tic Tac Toe as kids create and customize their game before playing. Continually under construction, this set of games is flexible for endless fun and learning. Unscrew the 18 game pieces and insert your personalized pictures, drawings or stickers to set up for play. If you want to play Memory, be sure to draw in duplicate! A sample sheet is provided to jump-start your play. Extra free drawings–including 3-D Shapes and Numbers– are easily downloaded from their website or simply create your own. My testers started out coloring the pictures provided but wanted to customize the second round along their favorite theme, horses. Drawing duplicates of a horse, a stable, hay, and water in a bucket for a game of Memory, a little girl was actually doing an exercise in categories and vocabulary. I Built It! Memory Match + Tic Tac Toe is a must-have for parents, educators and therapists. The language learning potential is unlimited, as educators can adapt the pieces to teach vocabulary, facial expressions, concepts, opposites and so on. Sturdy construction and fun game pieces that fit together make for a lasting treasure of fun!

Parents and educators will appreciate the sturdy game board and well-made game pieces for repeated play.

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