“Peek-a-boo! Do you want to play?” The I See Me Lion Mirror by VTech reflects your child’s face and then changes to a friendly lion. As the lion appears and disappears, our toddler became more visually aware of the cute lion and herself.

The handheld toy features three buttons: The light-up heart, a learning paw, and a music paw. As toddlers work to press each button, they’re also practicing fine motor skills by strengthening the muscles in their hard working fingers.

The I See Me Lion Mirror features over 50 songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases while teaching vocabulary concepts like body parts, numbers/counting, size concepts, and feelings.

  • “I have one big mane”
  • “I have two paws”
  • “I have two eyes. Do you see your eyes?”

These interactive phrases engaged our little one by pointing, repeating, and responding   to questions. It enhanced caregiver interactions as kids and grown-ups practiced repetition of new vocabulary and played lots and lots of peek-a-boo!

Available at Amazon and Walmart