Janod’s Ice Cream Stand is a charming toy that sparks imagination and offers a range of learning opportunities for all ice cream lovers. This table top gelato stand will get kids excited for role playing as they enhance language, cognitive and motor skills through pretend play and storytelling.

The Ice Cream Booth encourages imaginative scenarios and sequencing during play. Children can take on the roles of ice cream shop owners, customers, or even ice cream artisans, fostering storytelling skills. They were creative in naming their ice-cream flavors (“Monkey Madness” for banana ice-cream!) and some of the older cashiers even wrote out a menu. This type of play allows children to explore their creativity, develop problem-solving skills, and expand their vocabulary as they engage in conversations, negotiations, and storytelling within the context of the Gelateria .

Each ice cream scoop flavor and topping attaches to a cone through magnets. This adds an element of challenge and excitement as children use hand-eye coordination and balance to place the scoops on the cones without toppling them over. This also supports the development of fine motor skills, precision, and concentration. It’s a fantastic way to help children refine their dexterity and coordination in a playful way.

Janod is also known for its commitment to quality, and the Ice Cream Booth is no exception. The set is crafted from durable, wooden, child-safe materials that can withstand generations of ice-cream scooping. It’s a great investment for long lasting play.

Janod’s Ice Cream Stand is great for pretend play, storytelling, and role-playing. Children develop their creativity, social skills, and language through conversation and imagination. The magnetic features promote hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, while the high-quality materials ensure that it will endure years of play. What ice cream flavor will you choose?

Available at Janod and speciality retailers