81OzPoB1lbL._SY355_Get ready for a heart-thumping, fast-paced game of who can name the most items in a category beginning with the letters of the alphabet! A to Z’s electronic game unit plays Master of Ceremonies as it lights up for each player in turn and flashes what number category to pick from the deck of cards. You tell it how many players and when you want the clock to start for rapid naming and you’re off and running. Categories vary in difficulty from “Things that make noise” and “Things you take to the beach” to  “Brands of gasoline” (which I got!) and “Things made with milk.” The challenge is that the game unit remembers what letters each player has used, as the light goes out when you press the button, so next turn you are left with the harder remaining letters. Thankfully you can “Steal” common letters from your opponents stash and eliminate one “Free” when those buttons light up. Play can be adapted to younger kids by letting them name within a category and you push the buttons, especially if they get frazzled with the timer ticking faster as your 30 seconds approaches. Kids are sharpening their language skills as they think within categories, build vocabulary, and search for words with beginning sounds within those groups. Learning is made fun as my little friend agreed, “This game is so fun!”

Available at Alex Brands. Click here