Ideal_Word Speed Dice SlideWord Speed Dice Slide is well-named as successful play requires forming words at high speed! Players race to spell words including at least 2 of their consonant cards and one vowel die toppled through the built-in slide, shouting out their word for points. Lots of challenging learning fun as players can set up their consonant cards for quicker word formations. There is a logic as to how players visually arrange their consonants, leaving space for their vowel to be revealed, focusing on possible word constructions. One player put his “S” at the end and “J”at the beginning. We scored with “NOTE,” “MOW” and “KICK.” Kids practice fast reading, decoding and sound-letter association with up to 4 players. After the game, drop the dice and consonant cards back in the box and close up the slide for easy portability and travel. Grab this to take on the road this summer to keep reading skills sharp!

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