What does it mean to imitate? My 7 year-old friends said, “Try to do something like someone else.” They set out 12 colored photos of people and things from people walking in crunchy snow, crackling fire, and a gorilla eating a leaf,  to a sneeze, ping pong and hitting a hockey puck. One player imitates the sound represented in a picture as others point to their choice. If they get it right, they keep the card and go for 5 cards to win the game. These players were undaunted as they successfully imitated a fire, a bird flying and a spider. Who knew what sound a spider made but it was very quiet! Players have to associate a sound with the picture and be convincing, sometimes modifying their clue. “I get that!” “I like this game.” Imitator makes you think and choose the best way to represent your picture, tapping language skills as kids defend their clue and describe what they were representing. This would be a fun family game as kids beginning at 6 years can play along and often have the best clues.

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