My little friend walked right up to the Farm Stand and started to arrange her fruits and vegetables (sold separately) in the self-serve cubby, in the Farm Fresh crates, and on the top counter with a riser to give variety to the displays. The cardboard packaging for the optional supplies, gourds, apples, tomatoes, corn on the cob, pumpkins, pears and bananas, are cute display holders for the Garden of Eating Farm Stand. The Queen’s Treasures offers a box of swap out signs to attach to your stand, “Garden of Eating Farm Stand” on the awning, “Organically Fresh” and 2 black board signs to advertise your ¬†products and prices with chalk. A peg on the stand holds the cloth shopping bag which kids loved to use, selecting their items and pretending to pay for them. This set has all the props for great pretend play with an 18″ doll, from set-up, to selling, buying, and cooking. Plenty of props come with the set while you can add a denim Farm Fresh doll outfit, boxes of specific market foods, or bushel baskets to name a few. This versatile stand can transform to a Pizza Parlor with an optional box of signs and props if you are in the mood for pizza rather than veggies! Kids really entered the world of the farmer’s market, taking on roles, providing dialogue and “writing” their own story orally which builds language skills for reading and writing.

Note: Special pricing for Farm Stand, accessories and doll outfit.

Available at the Queen’s Treasures. Click here