Get ready to visually concentrate and laugh out loud as you spin the spinner to see who will be handicapped by wearing special red lensed glasses, that blank out the red ink in the drawings. Pick a card and begin drawing an ambulance, sushi, old woman, or bald to name a few. How accurately can you draw when you don’t see your lines? How well can you guess the drawing when your only hint is following the player’s hand as he draws, not seeing the lines? I thought I made a pretty good drawings of “bald” but my other players guessed “hair” and “haircut” at which time I pointed to the bald top of the head, and then they said “crown” and “king!” As the drawing progresses, details are added and you can see players refining their vocabulary within categories or relating to new perceived details. Lots of laughs , defensive explanations and additional guesses make this fun leading up to the reveal when they take the glasses off. Guessing gets harder when the drawer picks a “Forbidden Word Card” which tells what to draw and what word the guessers can’t say. For example, draw “taxi” but don’t guess “police car.” We found guessing without seeing the drawing line was harder than drawing without seeing what you are drawing. This game certainly gets the party going!

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