We love the learning and role playing in LeapFrog’s Ironing Time Learning Set. Toddlers passionately do what they see adults doing and love to be helpers around the house. This set will get your little one learning colors, numbers, and shapes while participating in meaningful pretend play.

The set includes an interactive iron and three pieces of clothing. The iron has several buttons and a number dial that make learning enjoyable. Each piece of clothing is a different color and pattern with various shapes – buttons are circles, pockets are squares, and a heart adds a nice flair to a dress.

This iron is much smarter than any iron that we adults are used to. It’s motion activated to know when a child is moving it back and fourth, when it’s upright, and when it’s been forgotten about. It prompts the child to iron a piece of clothing with a particular color or shape, it sings, and says fun phrases that children love to repeat.

“Tip me over and let’s flatten some wrinkles”

The Ironing Time Learning Set is a fun way to introduce or reinforce colors, shapes, and number concepts while engaging in real life practical play. It sets the stage for story telling, conversations, and using new vocabulary during playtime.

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