My pirate mateys loved this game as we worked as a team to complete pirate challenges and earn more gold doubloons that Captain Hook. Flip over a red and a blue doubloon to tell you the object to use, and how to use it to complete your task–“with the sword on your head, walk backwards around the vines,” or “with the cannonball under your chin, hop on one foot to the X and back.” Our little testers started to ask each other, “Can you do the challenge?” and their friend replied, “Yo, Ho, Let’s go!” Once again, Wonder Forge has designed a game where kids are so engrossed in the action, that they don’t realize the language learning involved as they ask questions, collaborate, problem solve, and follow directions to advance in the game. Tasks vary in difficulty from walking backwards to zig-zagging through the vines. I was thankful when our littlest participant drew the doubloons that directed him to zig-zag through the vines, pushing the cannonball with the sword, not me!