Captain Hook is sound asleep on his hammock but don’t be fooled, he still has that smirk on his face! He has surrounded himself with all the treasure from Jake and the Neverland Pirates from sacks of gold and tikis, to treasure boxes and barrels. Players take turns spinning to move across the board’s path landing on tools to retrieve the loot or actual items they have to recover. It’s not as easy as it looks but kids caught right on to carefully lift the treasure with a sword, branch tweezers, fishing pole or shovel. Watch out because Hook’s hammock is really tippy and you don’t want to drop him into the crocodile’s lagoon, or do you? Once again to add to the fun factor of Wonder Forge¬†games, clever designers merge a catchy game with pretend play and all the elements for a little adventure with Captain Hook. Setting up, during, and after play, I caught kids playing with the props and yelling with delight as Captain Hook fell off the hammock and pieces scattered across the board. It’s fun to see kids launch a little pretend play during and after playing a well designed game.

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