Toddlers love to stack, crash and dump so set out this delightfully illustrated set of stacking blocks for some smart play. Stack vertically or horizontally making up a story with the 9 animal families–elephants, giraffes, donkeys, gazelles, pandas, tigers, rabbits, squirrels and mice. Each side of the cube is a mini story, two mice having a ittle kiss outside the elevator, a donkey washing his hands, a tiger looking at the flower shop, a panda baking a pie or a giraffe working out, to name a few! The blocks can be ordered 1-10, teaching numbers and sequence, or matched by color to learn beginning colors. One of my favorites is tiger and bunny having a cup of coffee together. Kids can’t wait to crash it down but guess what? That’s okay because now we can build horizontally. We joined our cubes to make a city scape with mouse roller skating past a store, bunny talking on her cell phone and elephant offering fresh squeezed lemonade. There is such a huge opportunity to describe setting and action with the animals walking through the city. Parents will love to join the play as there is much to contribute by describing each cube that their child places down and is looking at. After our masterpiece we get to swat at it and start over too!